Are you going to be 5?

Last night when we were winding down on the couch as a family Violet started asking some questions that she had never asked before. Here is our little conversation, as best I can remember it.

V: Mommy, are you going to be 5?

M: No sweetie, I have already turned 5 and I am 34. I was 5 once.

V: Mommy when you turn 5 are you going to have milkies?

M: I was already 5 and now i am 34. When I was 5 I didn’t have milkies but that was because I didn’t want them anymore.

V: Mommy you will have milkies when I am 5.

M: Yes, I will always have my milkies. When you are 5 if you still want milkies then you can have them.

V: Mommy I want to have milkies when I am 5. You will have them won’t you?

M: Yes, I will have them. You will be a big girl. Now you are 2 and soon you will be 3. In 30 days you will be 3 and you will be a big girl. If you still want milkies though you may still have them.

V: I want to have them. (she then started looking very concerned) Mommy am I gonna be big when I am 5?

M: Yes you will be big.

V: I don’t want to be big mommy. I don’t want to grow up. I don’t want to get old. Are you going to be big?

M: I am already big sweetheart. But you don’t have to worry about growing up. We all feel that way sometimes. We all feel like we don’t want to get old sometimes. Right Daddy?

D: Yes, that’s right. We all feel that way sometimes.

M: It’s ok to think that way but just know that you don’t have to worry.

V: Mommy can I still have milkies when I am 5?

M: You may have milkies until you don’t want them anymore. Did someone talk to you about getting big and not having milkies today?

V: No.

M: Mommy will have your milkies for your until you are ready to not have them.

V: I love you mommy.

(starts nursing)

I wasn’t ready for these kinds of questions and fears about getting older. But we tried to handle them as gently as possible.

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