Sick days with Violet

Violet has been sick the last 2 days. She’s been so kind and loving too. Tonight she told me “If I were big enough I’d reach up in the sky and give you the moon. I’d get all the stars and clouds and the moon and bring them to you. Then I’d put them in your mouth and they would go straight down to your heart.”

Then as I carried her down from the loft bed she looked in my eyes and said “Mommy, I’ve fallen in love with you. You are so kind.” I told her I’d fallen in love with her the day she was born and never stopped. In fact the minute I knew she existed. She patted my face and smiled bashfully.
Oh this girl melts my heart.

She had been slowing down to morning and night time feeding but has been nursing more the last 2 days since she doesn’t feel well. Tonight her fever spiked to 103.2. I’m so thankful that I still have milk for her. I know she is staying hydrated too. Also, very thankful that she still can find comfort at my breast when she needs it.

Full term breastfeeding has so many benefits and this is one of the great ones. There’s no better way to keep her hydrated during illness than with my milk.


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