Remembering this moment

This summer I finally took the time to have Violet and my breastfeeding relationship photographed. I wish I had done it when she was a baby too. Thankfully I do have lots of pictures of us taken by my husband.

Our photographer did a great job capturing my sweet daughter and her love of her milkies. I will cherish these photos forever and I am sure Violet will too.

Thank you Marsha M. Mason

bf1bf2bf3bf4bf5 bf6bf7 bf8 bf10bf9bf11 bf12bf13 bf14bf15 bf16bf17 bf18bf19 bf20 bf21I encourage you to have pictures taken of you breastfeeding your little ones. There may be a day when you are not there to remind them of how much you loved them. How hard you worked to nourish them. If you have a daughter it might encourage her to breastfeed her own child and if you have a son it might encourage him to support his wife.

I came upon these two photographs last summer. I had never seen them before. And although I knew that my mother breastfed me and my brothers I had no image in my mind of what she looked like doing it. Finding these two jewels, these two treasures filled me with so much emotion and love.

My mom was not here to encourage me in my breastfeeding but seeing these pictures just enforced what I already knew. She would have been my greatest supporter (next to my husband). Knowing that my father took the pictures, I knew that he supported her and found what she was doing lovely and worth photographing. Thank you mom and dad for these precious gifts!